Wooden Surface

AJ Wooland Crafts

Welcome to our wood shop page. We are a husband and wife duo that loves woodworking. We wood burn outdoor spinners, jewelry, and coasters. Also handmake wood home décor and glass/wood spinners. We are here to help you! Most can be customized , So come check out our shop below... 

Barn Quilts of Manty

All of our patterns are listed below, they can be customized with color and size along with on wood or canvas. They make great artwork for your porch, garden, garage, house and barn, otherwise our canvas barn quilts are great for indoors, sunrooms, or she sheds. 

Cat beds.jpg

Black Cat Collective

We are Black Cat Collective! BCC was started in Manitowoc, WI bringing all things cats to the local business scene. Pet beds, accessories, toys, ETC. 

Meet our team:

Ruby - Maker of the things, belly rubber, scratchers giver. 

Squirtle - The one who started it all, the black cat in Black Cat Collective, basically the boss. 

Yuki - Task master. No messing around when Yuki is on the job!

Pickles - Avid biscuit maker, marketing fluff ball. 

Socks - Quality control, assistant maker. Always willing to pull an all nighter. 

Crafty Creations

All wreaths are hand made with Ribbon and Cotton material. Any wreath can be custom made with certain colors and/or signs to fit your home décor. 

Designs by.jpg

Designs By JP Adell

Designs by JP Adell is inspired by my beautiful 3 children. My family/friends and children give me the motivation to keep crafting.  I enjoy making blankets, gnomes, string art and so much more.  Check out my shop to see what I can put together for you...

Johnny Jiggles

Home to professional hand crafted, custom jigs and luers. Made to exceed expectations of the serious fisherman with great craftsmanship. 


Knots Tied For You

Hand made items available for purchase or special order. Each item is made by either Knit, Crochet, Hand Sewed or Machine Sewed. All items can be designed with personal preference of material or color. Help us keep the tradition alive by purchasing hand made items.